Before even taking the first step in a real estate transaction, most people are often slowed down by the lack of time, the lack of knowledge of the market and especially by the lack of clarity in what they are looking for. 

Understanding this reality, Raphaël & Stéphanie's mission is to accompany you throughout the transaction when selling or buying a property in order to give you peace of mind. 

"With Raphaël, it's as if he already knew what you wanted before you even knew it."

With over 5 years of sales experience in the food and technology industry and over 8 years of experience in customer service and catering, he has developed his communication and negotiation skills. Raphaël is an analytical type of person who is always in optimization mode. He recognizes that buying or selling your property is a very emotional financial decision that requires a strong and comforting ally to overcome all the obstacles of a transaction. His extensive network of experts and professionals is also an added advantage to help you make informed decisions in the transactional process. You will feel secure in the knowledge that Raphael will represent you and defend your interests until the end.

Raphaël is also a team player, an essential quality for a successful transaction. He is an excellent collaborator with other brokers and is always looking for solutions. For fun he loves to play field hockey and he also has a love for the strategic game of chess, anticipating every move, looking for the best outcome.

"With Stephanie, you won't miss a single detail. She has a great eye!"

With a background in the legal field, she has developed these research and analytical skills. Every element is taken into account in a transaction, nothing is left to chance. You will feel confident, because transparency is important to her. Her calm and cheerful personality will charm you. She loves to take care of her clients and give them the best service possible. She will accompany you in every step of the transaction until the end. 

In life, Stephanie is a sociable and dynamic woman who enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She believes that every little moment should be enjoyed. Concerned about well-being and believing that nothing happens for nothing, she has a saying that reminds her that: "The person who comes into your life is always the right person". One of the four laws of spirituality

One can say that they are a dynamic and complementary duo. Raphaël & Stéphanie are the team you need.

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